Who's who in the Convective Storms Group

Group photo August 2014: (from left to right) Brice Coffer, Keith Sherburn, Chris MacIntosh, Jessica King, and Matt Parker

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Matthew Parker I grew up in northern Ohio, and had decided that I wanted to be a meteorologist by 7th grade. I fell in love with the original Nova special on tornadoes (you know, the one with TOTO), created a legacy of meteorological science fair projects, and consider it a badge of honor that I committed to the field during the pre-Weather Channel, pre-Twister era.

I am a scientist because I love to figure out how things work. I do what I do to try to understand atmospheric processes. I believe that a meteorologist isn't properly trained unless he/she grasps the physical concepts that govern the atmosphere: cookbook meteorology (memorizing a big bunch of forecasting rules) is a dead end in my mind. I also believe that observations, models, and theory all help us get to that understanding, and I strive to attain a balance among methods and techniques. For more on my research and teaching, visit my professional home page.

I am a storm chaser (currently semi-retired), and also enjoy playing sports, chess, and music, skiing, traveling, and going out for shows, fine meals, and hockey games (Let's Go 'Canes!).

Ph.D. Students

Brice Coffer

Brice grew up in Houston, Texas. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma in May 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology. In addition to studying at OU, Brice also worked for the National Severe Storms Laboratory and interned at the Storm Prediction Center. He participated in several field programs, including VORTEX2 and DC3. Brice's original interest in meteorology stemmed from tropical cyclones, however while working at NSSL and the SPC, as well as storm chasing throughout the Great Plains, he developed a deep passion for severe convective weather.

In his free time, Brice likes to watch TV and play video games. He also enjoys soccer, football, and kayaking.

Keith Sherburn

Keith was born in Kalamazoo, MI but lived most of his life in Columbia, TN. After being afraid of thunder and lightning early in his life, Keith developed an interest for severe weather after a few years in Tennessee. In fact, he cites the Nashville tornado outbreak of April 1998 as the point in life where he decided that being a meteorologist would be pretty cool.

As an undergraduate at the University of Oklahoma, Keith had the opportunity to do research with scientists from the National Severe Storms Lab and sit in on day-to-day operations at the Storm Prediction Center. Further, Keith was active in OU's student-run forecasting organization, the Oklahoma Weather Lab, becoming president of the organization during his senior year. These experiences further enhanced his interest in forecasting and severe weather. Living in Oklahoma also provided him with plenty of opportunities to observe extreme weather and apply the science he was learning to real-life situations.

Outside of the office, Keith enjoys football, tennis, bowling, playing and writing music, and going to concerts.

Andy Wade

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M.S. Students

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