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Research Interests:

Sealevel;            Delta;           Sub-bottom Profiling;        Sediment Transport Modeling


  •        Late  Quaternary sea-level changes and their paleo-climatic  and paleo-environmental implications;
  •        Flux and fate of river-derived sediment in the marginal sea.  Riverine sediment dispersal, transport, and accumulation in different continental margin environments, in particular those deltaic and clinoform deposits from the large rivers in Asia, e.g. Yellow, Yangtze, Pearl, Red, and Mekong rivers, etc;
  •     Nearshore and Offshore Seafloor Mapping using high-resolution Subbottom Profiler (Chirp Sonar) and Swath Bathymetric Sonar System.

  •     Sediment Transport Modeling using Delft3D and ROMS-Sed.
  •  Using watershed GIS tools for best assessment of landuse, water quality, sediment budget, total maximum daily load (TMDL), coast and barrier islands protection and development. 


        Source-To-Sink Twitter account (@sourcetosink) and web page: https://twitter.com/SourceToSink

    Global River and Delta System: Source-to-Sink References on Google Map:

 Current Projects

   . .....

.    2017   Flux and Fate of Irrawaddy River Derived Sediments to the Andaman Sea (NSF and ONR funded)

.    2014  Mekong River Delta distributary channels and offshore sediment dynamics  (NSF and ONR funded)

.    2013   NSF-geoscience Education

.    2012.  NOAA sea-level; 

.    2011.  Lake Toba

.    2010 .Gulf of Tonkin


.    2008-2010  Vietnam Mekong and Red River-derived sediment

.    2006-2010, NSF Partnership with China Intraplate Seismic records.

.    2006-2011, NOAA, ISET, Mosoon, Hurricane, and Inland flooding

     2004-2006, NSF International Cooperative Study of the Yangtze River Sediment delivered to the East China Sea;


     2004-2005, Geological and geophysical studies of hyperpycnal fluvial discharge to the Taiwan Strait;


     2005-2006: Flux and Fate of River-Derived Sediments from Taiwan to the Taiwan Strait;


     2005-2006: The Dispersal and Accumulation of the Mekong River-Derived Sediment in Shallow Coastal Seas: Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea;


     2005-2007: NSF International Collaborations in the Mekong and Red rivers studies;


     2004-2005: Watershed and Water Quality Modeling for North Carolina Neuse River Basin and Estuary;


     2004-2006: Implementation of a Precipitation-Driven Watershed and Water Quality Model, and Coupling the Model with Real Time Estimation From QPE-SUMS (NOAA);


     2004-2005: Rapid sea-level rise and related coastal and seafloor geomorphology in the North Carolina Shelf;