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Paul Liu,

                2017 andaman sea

Professor, 2019-
Associate Professor, 2009-2019, NCSU
Assistant Professor, 2003-2009, NCSU
Postdoc, 2003, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)

Ph.D. 2001 (Geological Oceanography),
Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), College of Williams & Mary (W&M), Williamsburg, VA, USA

M.S. 1995 (Marine Quaternary Geology),Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

B.E., 1992 (Hydrology and Engineering Geology+Marine Geology), Ocean University of China.

Research interests:
Late Quaternary sea level change and ocean margin evolution; Large river deltaic deposits and sedimentary processes; Land-ocean interactions; Watershed and estuarine GIS modeling; Geophysical surveys

> 515-7977 3147 Jordan Hall jpliu@ncsu.edu

Current students:

Austin Pierce( 2018-

Jianfeng Su, Ph.D. (Tongji)


Graduated students:

Dave Velozzi,  Master Science, Thesis: "Geological and Sedimentary Features of the Yangtze-derived mud in the inner shelf of East China Sea". --Graduated on May 1st, 2005;

Yiyi Wong, M.S. (start August, 2005). Project: Fate of small mountainous Taiwanese rivers' sediment and carbon. -Graduated.

Zuo XUE, Ph.D. (Start August, 2005).  Project: Fate of Mekong River-derived sediment into the South China Sea and it Holocene evolution. -Graduated on, 2009.      Now a tenure-track Assistant Professor at LSU: http://www.oceanography.lsu.edu/xuelab/

Keren Cepero, MS,  GIS Inland Flooding Modeling -Graduated on Oct., 2010 

Chi Lu (Frank), MS, Graduated on July 2014.

Qian Ge   Ph.D. SCS sedimentation and Holocene Paleoclimatic changes;  co-advisored with Pr. Chu Fengyou. -Graduated on May 1st, 2009

Keren Cepero, M.S.,  GIS Inland Flooding Modeling, -Graduated  in Oct. 2010

Kristen Ross, MS.      Flux and Fate of the Red River derived sediment in the Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam, -Graduated on May 1st, 2011

Yaojie Wang, MS (2013-2015)

Fei Xia, Ph. D.  NJU with Pro.f Wang Ying (2011-2016)

Wen Wei,
Ph. D.  ECNU with Prof. Zhijun Dai (2012-2017)

Bowen Li,  Ph.D. (OUC) (2016.09 -2020.05)
The hydrodynamic controlling factors of erosion and deposition in the Yellow River subaqueous delta and its comparison with Yangtze River and Mekong River deltas

Post-doc Fellows

Guoqing Wang (2009--2010). Now a Professor at University of Geoscience of China

Visiting scholar:

Cheng Tang:   Research Scientist/Professor at Yantai Institute of Coastal Research, CAS.
Qiao Su (2018-2019)

Other Geo-Marine Related Faculty:

Del R. Bohnenstiehl,  Professor
PhD, Columbia University, New York, 2002
Extensional tectonics and rifting; distribution and scaling of fault populations and earthquakes; magmatic, tectonic and hydrothermal interactions at mid-ocean ridges, hydroacoustics with applications to seismic studies, explosion monitoring and marine mammal populations
> 515-7449... 4138 Jordan Hall delwayne_bohnenstiehl@ncsu.edu

David J. DeMaster, Professor
PhD, Yale University, 1979
Marine geochemistry and radio chemistry in the nearshore and deep-sea environments
> 515-7026 4132 Jordan Hall dave_demaster@ncsu.edu

Elana L. Leithold,  Professor
PhD, University of Washington, 1987
Nearshore and shelf sedimentation and stratigraphy, sediment-transport
> 515-7282 2151 Jordan Hall leithold@ncsu.edu

Chris Osburn, Associate Professor
PhD, Lehigh University, 2000
Organic geochemistry in coastal waters; biogeochemistry of dissolved organic matter; terrestrial biomarkers; modeling aquatic optics and carbon flux in natural waters; aquatic photochemistry
>515-0382 4150 Jordan Hall chris_osburn@ncsu.edu

William J. Showers, Professor
PhD, University of Hawaii, 1982
Stable isotope geochemistry; paleoceanography; micropaleontology; environmental monitoring; bone-isotope geochemistry; nitrogen isotope pollution monitoring
> 515-7143 4130 Jordan Hall w_showers@ncsu.edu

Carrie J. Thomas, Research Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs
PhD, North Carolina State University, 1998
Isotope geochemistry, biogeochemistry, animal-sediment interactions
> 515-7839 4136 Jordan Hall cjthomas@unity.ncsu.edu

Karl K. Wegmann,
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Lehigh University, 2008
Geomorphology, active tectonics, geodynamics, paleoseismology, paleoclimatology, and biogeomorphology
>515-0380 2123 Jordan Hall karl_wegmann@ncsu.edu