1. Anuradha B. Murthy (M.S., Fall 1990)

  • Research: Deposition and Interaction of Nitrogen Containing Pollutants to a High Elevation Forest Canopy

2. Deug-Soo Kim (M.S., Fall 1990)

  • Research: Temporal Variability in Cloud Water Chemistry at Mt. Mitchell as Revealed by the Cloud and Rain Acidity/Conductivity (CRAC) Real-Time Automated Sampler

3. Zheng Li (M.S., Fall 1990)

  • Research: Regional and Comparative Analysis of Cloud Chemistry, Chemical and Physical Climatology at High Elevations in the Eastern United States

4. Andrea A. Adams (M.S., Fall 1992)

  • Research: An Observational-based Analysis of Ozone Trends and Production in North Carolina

5. Gary T. Yoder (M.S., Spring 1993)

  • Research: Characterization of Urban and Rural Ozone in the Southeastern United States

6. Benjamin E. Hartsell (M.S., Spring 1993)

  • Research: Characterization of Peroxyacetyl Nitrate (PAN) in the Rural and Urban Southeast United States

7. Mita Das (M.S., Summer 1993)

  • Research: Physico-chemical Processes Regulating the Formation of Gaseous Hydrogen Peroxide in the Southeastern United States

8. Benny D. Holbrook (M.S., Summer 1994)

  • Research: Characterization and Graphical Visualization of Fluxes of Oxides of Nitrogen from Agricultural Soils in North Carolina

9. James C. Ulman (M.S., Summer 1994)

  • Research: Impact of Air Mass History on the Chemical, Microphysical, and Radiative Properties of Clouds at Mount Mitchell, North Carolina

10. Jay H. Lawrimore (M.S., Summer 1994)

  • Research: Measurement and Analysis of the Vertical Distribution and Emissions of Nonmethane Hydrocarbons in Urban North Carolina for Ozone Control

11. Lee J. Sullivan (M.S., Summer 1995)

  • Research: Biogenic Nitric Oxide Emissions: Trends, Seasonal Variations, and Interpretations

12. Thomas C. Moore (M.S., Summer 1995)

  • Research: Vertical Distribution of Oxides of Nitrogen in the Semi-Urban Planetary Boundary Layer: Mixing Ratios, Transport, and Sources

13. Fred Stratton de Pollok (M.S., Spring 1996)

  • Research: Mutagenic and Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Raleigh Volatile Organic Compounds in Air Samples at Three Different Elevations Before, During and After Hurricane Gordon

14. Lisa M. Hagerman (M.S., Summer 1996)

  • Research: Regional Analysis of Non-Methane Hydrocarbons and Meteorology of the Rural Southeast United States

15. James R. O'Connor (M.S., Summer 1996)

  • Research: A Climatology of Regional Ozone: Meteorological Effects on Ozone Exceedences in the Southeast United States

16. Paul A. Roelle (M.S., Summer 1996)

  • Research: Chemically Reactive Nitrogen Trace Species in the Planetary Boundary Layer

17. Regi G. Oommen (M.S., Summer 1996)

  • Research: Boundary Layer Ozone Variations in Central North Carolina

18. James E. Rickman (M.S., Summer 1997)

  • Research: Three-Dimensional Visualization of Ozone Process Data

19. Jeffrey S. Brittig (M.S., Summer 1997)

  • Research: Ozone and Other Air Quality Related Variables Affecting Visibility in the Southeast United States

20. John T. Walker, Jr. (M.S., Summer 1998)

  • Research: Atmospheric Transport and Wet Deposition of Ammonium in North Carolina

21. Jatinderpaul S. Chauhan (M.S., Summer 1999)

  • Research: Characterization of Ammonia Emissions from Swine Waste Storage and Treatment Lagoons

22. Bryan J. Bunton (M.S., Summer 1999)

  • Research: Measurements and Analysis of Atmospheric Ammonia Emissions from Anaerobic Lagoons

23. Brahm P. Malik (M.S., Fall 1999)

  • Research: Coupled Transport and Chemical Reaction Model for Ammonia Emission at Waste Treatment Lagoon-Atmosphere Interface

24. Ronald B. McCulloch (M.S., Fall 1999)

  • Research: Estimating Ammonia Emissions from a Swine Production Facility in North Carolina using an Inverted Gaussian Plume Model

25. Nitin Agrawal (M.S., Summer 2000)

  • Research: Estimating Ammonia Emissions and Fine Particulte Matter from Remotely Sensed Data in North Carolina and Their Regional Coupling

26. Dena R. Nelson (M.S., Summer 2000)

  • Research: Analysis of Ammonia Emissions from Agriculture and Ammonium Concentrations in the Southeast United States

27. Heather Arkinson (M.S., Summer 2003)

  • Research: Analysis of Ammonia Emissions from Agriculture and Ammonium Concentrations in the Southeast United States

28. Jessica Blunden (M.S., Summer 2003)

  • Research: Characterization of Non-Methane Volatile Organic compounds at Swine Facilities in Eastern North Carolina

29. Bingyu Wang (M.S., Summer 2003)

  • Research: Analysis and Modeling of Fine Particulate Matter in Southeast of United States

30. Hilawe Semunegus (M.S., Fall 2003)

  • Research: Comparative Assessment of Ammonia Emissions from Potential Environmentally Superior Technologies for Swine Facilities

31. Barry Peterson (M.S., Spring 2004)

  • Research: An Experimental Study of the Vertical Eddy Diffusivity and Dry Deposition of Ammonia on a Natural Grassy Surface

32. Ian Rumsey (M.S., Summer 2004)

  • Research: An Assessment of Ammonia Emissions from Water-holding Structures for Hog Farms: Lagoon and Spray Technology and Potential Environmentally Superior Technologies

33. Stephen Goetz (M.S., Fall 2005)

  • Research: Measurement, Analysis, and modeling of fine Particulate Matter in Eastern North Carolina

34. Christopher Occhipinti (M.S., Fall 2006)

  • Research: Nitrate Isotopic Composition in Rainfall and Fine Particulate Matter: Back Trajectory, Meteorology, and Source - Receptor Relationship Analysis

35. Stephen Konarik (M.S., Fall 2006)

  • Research: Trends in Agricultural Ammonia Emissions and Ammonium Concentrations in Precipitation over the Southeast and Midwest United States

36. Srinath Krishnan (M.S., Summer 2007)

  • Research: Modeling study of Dry Deposition of Ammonia in North Carolina

37. Kristen James (M.S., Summer 2008)

  • Research: The Development of US Ammonia Emission Factors for Use in Process Based Modeling

38. Richard Potter (M.S., Summer 2014)

  • Research: Characterizing and Modeling of Ammonia Dispersion near Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)

39. Leverett Garing (M.S., Summer 2014)

40. Joshua Tobias (M.S., Spring 2015)

41. Dennis Mikel (M.S., Summer 2015)

  • Research: Measurement of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Near a Major Roadway