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Dr. Williams Showers Professor
Tel. (919) 515-7143
4130 Jordan Hall
Curriculum Vitae
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B.A. (Geology), University of California, Santa Barbara, 1973.

M.S. (Geology), Dept. of Geology, University of California, Davis, 1978.

PhD (Oceanography), University of Hawaii, 1982.

Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Paleoceanography, Paleoclimatology,

Groundwater Hydrology and Stable Isotope Tracers, Nitrogen Isotope Pollution Tracers

Carbon Cycling and Accumulation in Modern and Ancient Environments

Oxygen Isotopes of Phosphates and Silicates, Paleobiology of Vertebrates.

Bucci, J.P., Showers, W.J., Levine, J., Usry, B., Valve gape response to turbidity in two freshwater bivalves (Corbicula fluminea and Lampsilis radiata). Journal of Freshwater Ecology. 23 (3): 479-483.

Occhipinti, C., Aneja, V.P., Showers, W.J., Niyogi, D.  Back-Trajectory Analysis and Source-Receptor Relationships: Particulate Matter and Nitrogen Isotopic Composition in Rainwater. J. Air & Waste manage. Assoc. 58:1215-1222, 2008.

Showers, W.J.,
Genna, B., McDade, T., Bolich, R., and Fountain, J.C.  Nitrate Contamination in Ground Water on an Urbanized Dairy farm.  ES&T Vol 42(13) 4683, 2008.

Bucci, J.P., Showers, W.J.,. Rebach, S., DeMaster, D., Genna, B. Stable isotope analyses (delta N-15 and delta C-13) of the trophic relationships of Callinectes sapidus in two north Carolina estuaries.  ESTUARIES AND COASTS  Vol 30(6): 1049-1059, 2007.
Bucci, J.P., Rebach, S., DeMaster, D., Showers, W.J., A comparison of blue crab and bivalve d15N tissue enrichment in two North Carolina estuaries. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION 145 (1): 299-308, 2007.

Lori Gustafson, Jay Levine Michael Stroskopf, Tom Kwak, William Showers  Temporal and spatial variability in stable isotope compositions of a freshwater mussel: implications for biomonitoring.  Oecologia 152: 140-150, 2007.

Kenneth S. Johnson, Joseph Needoba, Steven Riser, and William Showers Chemical Sensor Networks for the Aquatic Environment.  Chemical Reviews 10.1021: 1-18, 2007.

Corliss BH, Sun X, Brown CW, Showers, WJ. Influence of seasonal primary productivity on delta C-13 of North Atlantic deep-sea benthic foraminifera DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART I-OCEANOGRAPHIC RESEARCH PAPERS 53 (4): 740-746, 2006.

W. J. Showers, C.M. Williams, Gregory D. Jennings Impact of Large Poultry Operations on Groundwater : Stable 15N Isotopes of Nitrate Assessment  International Journal of Poultry Science 5 (4): 318-329, 2006.

Israel DW, Showers WJ, Fountain M, Fountain J. 2005 Nitrate movement in shallow ground water from swine-lagoon-effluent spray fields managed under current application regulations. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY 34 (5): 1828-1842, 2005.

Lori Gustafson, MK Stoskopf, A. Bogan, W Showers, T Kwak, S. Hanlon, and JF Levine  Evaluation of nonlethal technique for hemolymph collection in ellitptiio complanata, a freshwater bivalve (Mollusca: Unionidae).  Diseases of Aquatic Organisms, Vol 65:159-165, 2005.

William J. Showers, Brian Usry, Matthew Fountain, John Fountain, Timothy McDade, and Dave DeMaster Nitrate Flux from Ground to Surface Waters Adjacent to the Neuse River Waste Water Treatment Plant. UNC WRRI Report #316, 38 pp., 2005.

Karr, J.D., Showers W.J., Jennings, G.D.  Low-level nitrate export from confined dairy farming detected in North Carolina streams using 15N.  Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment  Vol 95(1), pg 103-110, 2003.

Spruill, T. Showers W., Howe, S.  Application of Classification Tree Methods to Identify Nitrate Sources in Groundwater.  J. Environ. Qual., Vol 31(5) 1538-1549, 2002.

Showers W.J., Barrick, R., Genna, B.  Isotopic Analysis of Dinosaur Bones: New Techniques for Old Questions.  Analytical Chemistry Feb 2002 Invited Paper Vol. 74 (5), 143A-150A, 2002.

Karr, J.D., Showers W.J.  Stable Oxygen and hydrogen isotopic tracers in Amazon shelf waters during Amasseds.  Oceanologica Acta 25, 71-78, 2002.

Karr, J , Showers W.J., Gilliam, W., Andres, A. Scott  Tracing Nitrate Transport and Environmental Impact from Intensive Swine Farming using N-15. Journal of Environmental Quality 30(4) 1163-1175, 2001.

Stoskopf, M. Barrick, R. Showers W.  Oxygen isotope variability in bones of wild caught and constant temperature reared sub-adult American Alligators  J. Thermal Biol. 26, 183-191, 2001.

Bond, G.C., Kromer, B., Beer, J., Muscheler, R. Evans, M., Showers, W., Hoffman, S., Lotti-Bond, R., Hajdas, I., Bonani, GPersistent Solar Influence on North Atlantic Climate during the Holocene  Science V. 294 (5549): 2130-2136.


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