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Dr. Helena MitasovaProfessor
Tel. (919) 513-1327
Mitasova's Home Page
Spatial Modeling and Visualization
Curriculum Vitae

M.S. in Geodetic Cartography, Slovak Technical University

Ph.D. in Geodetic Cartography, Slovak Technical University

Modeling and monitoring of landscape processes, evolution of coastal topography, geoinformation science, multitemporal lidar data processing, spatial interpolation and topographic analysis, coastal and watershed erosion studies. Applications of GIS and multidimensional dynamic cartography for sustainable land use management and conservation of natural resources. Member of the OSGeo foundation and Open Source GRASS GIS development team.

Markus Neteler, Helena Mitasova, 2008, Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach, Third Edition, Springer, 406p.

Research papers
Mitasova H., Hofierka, J., Harmon R.S., Barton M.C., Ullah, I., 2013, GIS-based Soil Erosion Modeling, In: Shroder, J. (Editor in Chief), Bishop, M.P. (Ed.), Treatise on Geomorphology. Academic Press, San Diego, CA, vol. 3, Remote Sensing and GIScience in Geomorphology, pp. 228–258.

Starek, M.J., Mitasova H., Wegmann, K, Lyons, N., 2013, Space-Time Cube Representation of Stream Bank Evolution Mapped by Terrestrial Laser Scanning, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters10(6), p. 1369-1373, DOI 10.1109/LGRS.2013.2241730.

Mitasova H., Harmon R.S., Weaver K.J., Lyons, N.J. and Overton, M.F., 2012, Scientific visualization of landscapes and landforms, Geomorphology 137(1), p. 122-137.

Mitasova H., Hardin E., Starek, M.J., Harmon R.S,. and Overton, M.F, 2011, Landscape dynamics from LiDAR data time series, In: Geomorphometry 2011, Hengl, T., Evans, I.S., Wilson, J.P., Gould, M. (eds.), Redlands, CA, p. 3-6.

Tateosian, L.G., Mitasova, H., Fogleman, B., Harmon, B., Weaver K., and Harmon R.S., 2010, TanGeoMS: Tangible geospatial modeling system, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), 16(6), p. 1605-1612.

Mitasova H., Hardin E., Kurum, M.O., Overton M.F., 2010, Geospatial analysis of vulnerable beach-foredune systems from decadal time series of lidar data, Journal of Costal Conservation, Management and Planning, 14(3), p.161-172.

Mitasova, H., Overton, M., Recalde, J.J., Bernstein, D., and Freeman C., 2009, Raster-based Analysis of Coastal Terrain Dynamics from Multitemporal Lidar Data, Journal of Coastal Research 25(2), p. 507-514.

Genereux, D.P., S. Leahy, H. Mitasova, C.D. Kennedy, and D.R. Corbett, 2008, Spatial and temporal variability of streambed hydraulic conductivity in West Bear Creek, North Carolina, USA, Journal of Hydrology, 358, p. 332-353.

Mitasova, H., Mitas, L., Ratti, C., Ishii, H., Alonso J., and Harmon, R.S., 2006, Real-time Human Interaction With Landscape Models Using a Tangible Geospatial Modeling Environment, IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, Special Issue - GeoVisualization, 26(4), pp 55-63.

Mitasova, H., Overton, M., Harmon, R.S., 2005, Geospatial analysis of a coastal sand dune field evolution: Jockey's Ridge, North Carolina, Geomorphology 72, pp. 204-221.

Mitasova, H., Mitas, L. and Harmon, R.S., 2005, Simultaneous spline interpolation and topographic analysis for lidar elevation data: methods for Open source GIS, IEEE GRSL 2(4), pp. 375-379.

Mitasova, H., Thaxton, C., Hofierka, J., McLaughlin, R., Moore, A., Mitas L., 2005, Path sampling method for modeling overland water flow, sediment transport and short term terrain evolution in Open Source GIS. In: C.T. Miller, M.W. Farthing, V.G. Gray, G.F. Pinder eds., Proc.XVth Int. Conf. on Computational Methods in Water Resources, June 2004, Chapel Hill, NC, Elsevier, pp. 1479-1490.

(For a complete list, see Dr. Mitasova's web site with links to full papers in PDF format).


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