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Dr. David McConnellProfessor
Tel. (919) 515-0381
2140 Jordan Hall
Curriculum Vitae
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B.Sc., Queen's University (N. Ireland), 1981
M.S., Geology, Oklahoma State University, 1983
Ph.D., Geology, Texas A&M University, 1987


My research focus is on geoscience education, with specific attention to assessment of learning in introductory courses, the relationship between teaching beliefs and practices, and professional development of graduate students and faculty.  Previous research included multi-institutional studies on the connection between student affect and cognition; the intersections between critical thinking and civic thinking in the physical sciences; transfer of learning through cooperative assessment exercises; large classroom instructional interventions; models and modeling in the geosciences; and studies surrounding the novice-expert continuum of hard to learn geoscience topics.     

Current and recent research projects include:
1. InTeGrate: Interdisciplinary Teaching of Geoscience for a Sustainable Future, an integrated, community-based approach that provides: teaching resources and instructional strategies to improve geoscience literacy; new implementation programs to increase the number of geoscience majors prepared to address issues of sustainability; and professional development and dissemination strategies to support the development efforts and foster adoption and adaptation of InTeGrate’s materials and programs. Additional information is available at

2. Flipping the Script: Using Short Videos to Promote Learning in Introductory Geoscience Courses represents an NSF-funded project that seeks to create short (6 minute) videos on a range of geoscience concepts and add them to pre-class student activities so as to free up time during class for more student-centered teaching exercises. This is a version of what is popularly referred to as a flipped classroom. The videos are available to geoscience colleagues and the public through our YouTube channel at

My current teaching interests are Introductory Physical Geology (MEA 101, 110) and graduate courses focusing on research in science education (Discipline-based Education Research in the Geosciences, MEA 507).

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