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Dr. Paul LiuAssociate Professor
Tel. (919) 515-7977
Sea Level Change and Ocean Margin Evolution Curriculum Vitae

B.E., 1992 (Hydrology and Engineering Geology+Marine Geology), Ocean University of China.

M.S. 1995 (Marine Quaternary Geology), Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Ph.D. 2001 (Geological Oceanography), Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), College of Williams & Mary (W&M), Williamsburg.

Late Quaternary sea-level changes and their  paleo-climatic  and paleo -environmental implications; see more ...

Flux and fate of river-derived sediment in the marginal sea.  Riverine sediment dispersal, transport, and accumulation in different continental margin environments, in particular those delatic and clinoform deposits from the large rivers in Asia, e.g. Yellow, Yangtze, Pearl, Red, and Mekong, etc; see more ...

Land-Ocean Interactions: Postglacial stepwise sea-level rise and formation of various stratigraphic sequences< (Transgressive layer, flooding surface, and depositional hiatus)

Nearshore and Offshore Seafloor Digital Mapping using high-resolution Subbottom Profiler (Chirp Sonar) and Swath Bathymetric Sonar System. see more ...

Watershed, estuarine and coastal modeling using GIS tools for best assessment of landuse, water quality, sediment budget, total maximum daily load (TMDL), coastal and barrier islands protection and development.  see more ...

J.P. Liu, Xue Z., Ross K., Wang H.J., Yang Z.S., Li A.C., Gao S. 2009. Fate of sediments delivered to the sea by Asian large rivers: Long-distance transport and formation of remote alongshore clinothems. SEPM-The Sedimentary Record, Vol. 7, No. 4, Page 4-9. [PDF-Full Text]

Chu, Z. X., S. K. Zhai, X. X. Lu, J. P. Liu, J. X. Xu, and K. H. Xu. 2009. A quantitative assessment of human impacts on decrease in sediment flux from major Chinese rivers entering the western Pacific Ocean,  Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 36, L19603, doi:10.1029/2009GL039513

J.P. Liu, C.S. Liu, K.H. Xu, J.D. Milliman, J.K. Chiu, S.J. Kao, S.W. Lin., 2008. Flux and Fate of Small Mountainous Rivers Derived Sediments into the Taiwan Strait.  Marine Geology, Vol. 256, pp. 65-76.  doi: j.margeo.2008.09.007

Wang, H.J., Yang, Z.S., Wang, Y., Saito, Y. and Liu, J.P. (2008) Reconstruction of sediment flux from the Changjiang (Yangtze River) to the sea since the 1860s. Journal of Hydrology,  Volume 349, Issues 3-4, pp. 318-332. doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2007.11.005 

 J.D. Milliman, S.W. Lin, S. J. Kao, J. P. Liu, C.S. Liu, J. K. Chiu and Y.C. Lin, 2007, Short-term Changes in Seafloor Character due to Flood-Derived Hyperpycnal Discharge: Typhoon Mindulle, Taiwan, July 2004, Geology. vol. 35, no.9, p.779-782. doi: 10.1130/G23760A.1;

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J.P. Liu, ,
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Wang, H.J., Yang, Z.S.,  Saito Y. , J. P. Liu, Xiaoxia Sun, 2007. Stepwise Decreases of the Huanghe (Yellow River) Sediment Load (1950-2004): Impacts of Climate Change and Human Activities, Global and Planetary Change, 57(3-4), 331-354. doi:10.1016/j.gloplacha.2007.01.003

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Xiao, S.B, Li, A.C., J.P. Liu,  Chen, M.H. Zheng, . F.  Xie, Q..Jiang, F.Q Li, T.G. 2006. Coherence between solar activity and the East Asian winter monsoon in the past 8000 years from Yangtze River-derived mud in the East China Sea. Palaeo-Palaeo-, Palaeo-, Vol: 237, No. 2-4, page 293-304. doi:10.1016/j.palaeo.2005.12.003

H.J. Wang, Z.S. Yang, Y. Saito, J. P. Liu and X.X. Sun, 2006. The Huanghe (Yellow River) water discharge over the past 50 years: Connections to impacts from ENSO events and dams. Global and Planetary Change, 50, 212-225. doi:10.1016/j.gloplacha.2006.01.005

J.P. Liu,
and J.D. Milliman, 2004. Reconsidering Melt-water Pulses 1A and 1B: Global Impacts of Rapid Sea-level Rise. Journal of Ocean University of China, 3(3): 183-190.

J.P. Liu, J.D. Milliman, S. Gao, P. Cheng, 2004. Sedimentary Processes of the Yellow River’s early-Holocene subaqueous delta in the North Yellow Sea. Marine Geology, 209: 45-67.

J.P. Liu, J.D. Milliman, and S. Gao, 2002, The Shandong Mud Wedge and Holocene Sediment Accumulation in the Yellow Sea, Marine-Geo Letters, 21: 212-218.


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