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Dr. Ron FodorProfessor
Tel. (919) 515-7177
Fodor's Home Page
Curriculum Vitae

B.S., Geology, Ohio University, 1966
M.S., Geology, Arizona State University, 1968
Ph.D., Geology, University of New Mexico 1972

My research involves exploring the compositional characteristics of igneous rocks, largely basaltic and gabbroic, ultramafic rocks from the mantle, and the minerals comprising all these rock types. The analytical instrumentation that I use in the Department are x-ray fluorescence spectrometry for major- and trace-elements of rocks, and electron microprobe for mineral compositions.

I also utilize outside instrumentation, such as neutron activation for rare-earth element analyses and mass spectrometry for isotope compositions. The courses I teach include Advanced Igneous Petrology, Electron Microprobe Instrumentation, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology for our majors, and introductory Physical Geology.

Fodor, R.V., Bauer, G.R., 2010. Kahoolawe Island, Hawaii: The role of an 'inaccessible' shield volcano in the petrology of the Hawaiian islands and plume. Chemie der Erde 70, 101-123.

Fodor, R.V., 2009. Diorite segregations in gabbro: geochemical characteristics and conditions for origin assessed at diorite-gabbro contacts. Journal of Geology 117, 109-125.

McCarter, R.L., Fodor. R.V., and Trusdell, Frank, 2006. Perspectives on basaltic magma crystrallization and differentiation: lava-lake blocks erupted at Mauna Loa volcano summit, Hawaii. Lithos 90, 187-213.

Huang, S, Frey, F.A., Bichert-Toft, J., Fodor, R.V., Bauer, G.R., Xu, G., 2005. Enriched components in the Hawaiian plume: evidence from Kahoolawe volcano, Hawaii, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 6, Q11006, doi:10.1029/2005 GC001012 (on-line journal)

Weinstein, J.P., Fodor, R.V., and Bauer, G.R., 2004. Koolau shield basalt as xenoliths entrained during rejuvenated-stage eruptions: perspectives on magma mixing. Bulletin of Volcanology 66, 182-199.

Fodor, R.V., Sial, A.N, and Gandhok, G, 2002. Petrology of spinel peridotite xenoliths from northeastern Brazil: lithosphere with a high geothermal gradient imparted by Fernando de Noronha plume. Jour South American Earth Sciences 15, 199-214.

Fodor, R.V., 2001. The role of tonalite and diorite in Mauna Kea volcano, Hawaii, magmatism: petrology of summit-region leucocratic xenoliths. Jour Petrology 42, 1685-1704.

Fodor, R.V., 2000.  Plagioclase of Hawaiian tholeiitic and alkalic magma parentages: distinctions based on REE, Sr, Ba, Hf, and Ta.  Mineralogy and Petrology 69, 213-225.

Fodor, R.V. and Hanan, B.B., 2000.  Geochemical evidence for the Trindade hotspot trace: Columbia seamount ankaramite.  Lithos 51, 293-304.

Fodor, R.V., Bauer, G.R., and Jacobs, R.S., 1998.  Alkalic magma modified by incorporation of diverse tholeiitic components: 'complex' hybridization on Kahoolawe Island, Hawaii.  Mineralogy and Petrology 63, 73-94.

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