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Dr. Dave DeMaster Professor
Tel. (919) 515-7026
Curriculum Vitae

B.S. (Chemistry), University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1973.
M.S. (Marine Geochemistry), Dept. of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University, 1975.
PhD (Marine Geochemistry), Dept. of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University, 1979.

Radiochemistry, Nutrient Cycling in Rivers and Estuaries, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, Particle Mixing in Marine Sediments, Antarctic Bentho-Pelagic Coupling

Ragueneau, O., D.J. Conley, D.J. DeMaster, H.H. Durr, and N. Dittert. Biogeochemical transformations of silicon along the land-ocean continuum and implications for the global carbon cycle.  In:  Carbon and Nutrient Fluxes in Continental Margins,  IGBP Series (Eds. K.K. Liu, L. Atkinson, R. Quinones, L. Talaue-McManus), Springer-Verlag, pp.           515-528 (2010).

Xue, Z., J.P. Liu, D.J. DeMaster, L. Van Nguyen, T.K. Oanh Ta (2010) Late Holocene evolution of the Mekong subaqueous delta, southern Vietnam. Marine Geology, 269: 46-60 (2010).  

Smith, C.R. and D.J. DeMaster (guest editors). FOODBANCS (Food for Benthos on the Antarctic Continental Shelf).  Special Issue describing our NSF project in Deep-Sea Research II  (volume contains 11 papers associated with our FOODBANCS Project, DSR II, v. 55, no. 22-23). (2008)

Purinton, B.L., D.J. DeMaster, C.J. Thomas, and C.R. Smith.  14C as a tracer of labile carbon in Antarctic benthic food webs. Deep-Sea Research II, 55, 2438-2450. (2008)

McClintic, M.A., D.J. DeMaster, C.J. Thomas, and C.R. Smith. Testing the FOODBANCS Hypothesis:  Seasonal variations in near-bottom particle flux, bioturbation intensity, and deposit feeding based on 234Th measurements. Deep-Sea Research II, 55, 2425-2437. (2008)

C.R. Smith and D.J. DeMaster. Synthesis of bentho-pelagic coupling on the Antarctic shelf: Food banks, ecosystem inertia and global climate change.  Deep-Sea Research II, 53, 875-894. (2006)

S.L. Mincks, C.R. Smith, and D.J. DeMaster. Persistence of labile organic matter and microbial biomass in Antarctic shelf sediments:  Evidence of a sediment food bank.  Marine Ecology Progress Series, 300, 3-19. (2005)

DeMaster, D.J.  The diagenesis of biogenic silica: Chemical transformations occurring in the water column, seabed, and crust.  In: Treatise of Geochemistry, Volume 7 (Ed. F.T. Mackenzie), pp. 87-98. (2004)

DeMaster, D.J., C.J. Thomas, N.E. Blair, W.L. Fornes, G. Plaia, L.A. Levin. Deposition of bomb C-14 in continental slope sediments of the Mid-Atlantic Bight: assessing organic matter sources and burial rates.  Deep-Sea Research II, 49, 4667-4686. (2002)

Verity, P.G., J.E. Bauer, C.N. Flagg, D.J. DeMaster, and D.J. Repeta. The Ocean Margins Program: an interdisciplinary study of carbon sources, transformations, and sinks in a temperate continental margin. Deep-Sea Research II, 49, 4273-4295 (2002)

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