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Dr. Ryan BoylesExtension Associate Professor
Director and State Climatologist, State Climate Office

University Director, Dept of Interior SE Climate Science Center
Tel. (919) 513-2816
149 Research III
State Climate Office of NC website
Curriculum Vitae

B.S., Meteorology, 1997, North Carolina State University
M.S., Atmospheric Science, 2000, North Carolina State University
Ph.D., Atmospheric Science, 2006, North Carolina State University

Climate services, local and regional climatology, weather and climate applications, observational sensors and systems, data management.

Rejesus, R., K. Coble, M. Miller, R. Boyles, B. Goodwin, T. Knight (2014). Accounting for weather probabilities in crop insurance rating. Journal of Agriculture and Resource Economics, in review.

Wootten, A., K. Smith, R. Boyles, A. Terando, L. Stefanova, V. Misra, T.Smith, D. Blodgett, and F. Semazzi (2014). Downscaled climate projections for the southeast U.S.: Evaluation and use for ecological applications. USGS Open Open-File Report 2014–1190, 54 p., doi:

Wootten, A. and R. Boyles (2014). Comparison of NCEP Multi-sensor Precipitation Estimates with Independent Gauge Data Over the Eastern U.S. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, Vol 53, pp. 2848-2862, doi:

Wootten, A.,  K. Smith, J. Bowden, T. Otte, and R. Boyles (2014). Regional Climate Variations and Change for Terrestrial Ecosystems Workshop Review. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 95:96–97.

Coble, K.H., T.O. Knight, M.F. Miller, B.J. Goodwin, R. Rejesus, and R. Boyles (2013). Estimating Structural Change in U.S. Crop Insurance Experience. Agriculture Finance Review, Vol 73, Issue 1, 74-87.

Pan, W., R. Boyles; J. G. White; J. L. Heitman (2012). Characterizing soil physical properties for soil moisture monitoring with the North Carolina Environment and Climate Observing Network. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, Vol 29, pp. 933-943.

Misra, V., J.-P. Michael, R. Boyles, E. P. Chassignet, M. Griffin, J. J. O’Brien (2012). Reconciling the Spatial Distribution of the Surface Temperature Trends in the Southeastern United States. J. Climate, 25, 3610–3618.

Breuer, N., H. Dinon, R. Boyles, and G. Wilkerson (2011). North Carolina extension agent awareness of and interest in climate information. Online. Journal of Service Climatology, No. 4.

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