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Dr. Skip Stoddard Associate Professor Emeritus
Stoddard's Home Page

A.B. in Geology, Amherst College, 1971

PhD, University of California, Los Angeles, 1976


My specific research interests lie in mineralogical aspects of metamorphic petrology, especially in elucidating the reaction histories of metamorphic rocks. My research is field-based, but has a significant laboratory component, applying analytical techniques to understanding minerals and rocks. More generally, we have been occupied for some time with unravelling the tectonic evolution of the eastern Piedmont of North Carolina, and there remains much to be done, beginning with basic geologic mapping of complex areas. Other areas I have worked in include southeastern California and northern New York.


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Stoddard, E. F., 1992, A new suite of post-orogenic dikes in the eastern North Carolina Piedmont: Part II. Mineralogy and geochemistry,: Southeastern Geology, v. 32, p. 119-142.

Stoddard, E. F., and D. E. Blake (eds.), 1994, Geology and Field Trip Guide, Western Flank of the Raleigh Metamorphic Belt, North Carolina: Carolina Geological Society Guidebook 1994, 110 p.

Stoddard, E. F., and Heller, M. J., 1998, Bedrock geologic map of the Lake Wheeler 7.5-minute quadrangle, Wake County, North Carolina: North Carolina Geological Survey Open-File Report 98-5.


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