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Dr. Len Pietrafesa Professor Emeritus
Curriculum Vitae

1965: B.S. Fairfield University (Fairfield, CT), Physics & Mathematics

1967: M.S. Boston College, Boston, MA and the University of Chicago (Chicago, IL), Geophysics/Fluid Physics (Fr./Dr. J. DeVane, BC; Dr. L.F. McGoldrick, UC)

1973: PhD University of Washington (Seattle, WA), Fluid Physics/Geophysical Fluid Dynamics) (Dr. M. Rattray and Dr. J.D. Smith)

Estuarine and continental margin physical oceanographic processes, geophysical fluid dynamics, western boundary currents, abiotic influences on fish recruitment, satellite oceanography, air-sea coupling, coastal flooding due to hurricanes and severe storms, air-sea interaction, weather and climate impacts


Xie, L., L. J. Pietrafesa and S. Raman (1996). Coastal Ocean-Atmosphere Coupling, Chapter 11 of the book Coastal Ocean Prediction, CRC Press, Inc., edited by C. N. K. Mooers.

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Churchill, J.H., R.W. Houghton, D. Wallace and L.J. Pietrafesa (1996). Gulf Stream water/shelf water interaction over the continental slope and shelf edge east of the Delmarva Peninsula. Deep Sea Research, in press.

Xie, L., L.J. Pietrafesa and S. Raman (1996). Mesoscale air-sea interactions over the continental shelf off the Carolina coast. Global Atmosphere-Ocean System, AGU Air-Sea Interaction and Meteorology and Oceanography of the Coastal Zone, in Press.

Dabberdt, W.F., T.W. Schlatter, C.A. Davis, R.J. Fleming, R.M. Hodur, G.J. Holland, S.E. Koch, S.J. Lord, W.D. Neff, R.A. Pielke, Sr., L.J. Pietrafesa, D. Raymond, R.B. Smith and D.S. Zrnic (1996). Research Opportunities from Emerging Atmospheric Observing and Modeling Capabilities. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, in press.

Li, S., J.M. Morrison, L.J. Pietrafesa and A. Ochadlick (1996). Dynamic Analysis of Oceanic Internal Waves From Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Images. Journal of Geophysical Research, OCEANS, in press.

Cione, J.J., S. Raman, L.J. Pietrafesa, X. Li, R.A. Neuherz and K. Keeter (1996). The Development and Operational Implementation of the Atlantic Surface Cyclone Intensification Index (ASCII), Monthly Weather Review, in press.

Lin, G., G.S. Janowitz, L.J. Pietrafesa and J.J. Miller (1996). A numerical model for the circulation in the Croatan, Albemarle, and Pamlico Estuarine System: Implications for larval recruitment in Albemarle Sound. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, in press.

Nichols, C.R. and L.J. Pietrafesa (1996). Oregon Inlet: Hydrodynamics, Volumetric Flux and Implications for Juvenile Fish Recruitment. Continental Shelf Research, in press.

Pietrafesa, L.J., L. Xie, G.S. Janowitz, J. Pelissier, K. Keeter and R.A. Neuherz (1996). Numerical Modeling and Computer Visualization of the Storm Surge in and Around the Croatan-Albemarle-Pamlico Estuary System Produced by Hurricane Emily of August 1993. Bulletin of American Meteorological Society.

Sun, L.C. and L.J. Pietrafesa (1996). Baroclinic-barotropic instabilities and energy transfers in the Gulf Stream, Journal of Nonlinear Analysis, World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts '92 Proceedings of the First World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts, pp. 3515-3632, V. Lakshmikantham, Editor.

Janowitz, G.S. and L.J. Pietrafesa (1996). Subtidal frequency fluctuations in coastal sea level in the mid and south Atlantic Bights: A prognostic for coastal flooding. Journal of Coastal Research, 12(1):79-89.

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Govoni, J.J. and L.J. Pietrafesa (1994). Eulerian views of layered water currents, vertical distribution of some larval fishes, and inferred advective transport over the continental shelf off North Carolina, USA, in winter. Fisheries Oceanography, 3(2):120-132.

Su, K.-H., P.-T. Shaw and L.J. Pietrafesa, (1994). The Origin of Low-Frequency Oscillations in the Southern Mid-Atlantic Bight. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 24(6):1110-1119.

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Flagg, C.N., R.W. Houghton and L.J. Pietrafesa, (1994). Summertime Thermocline/Salinity Maximum Intrusions in the Mid-Atlantic Bight. Deep Sea Research, 41(2/3):325-340.

Shaw, P.-T., L.J. Pietrafesa, C.N. Flagg, R.W. Houghton and K.-H. Su (1994). Low-frequency oscillations on the outer shelf in the southern Mid-Atlantic Bight. Deep Sea Research, 41(2/3):253-271.

Pietrafesa, L.J., J.M. Morrison, M.P. McCann, J. Churchill, E. Böhm and R.W. Houghton, (1994). Water mass linkages between the Middle and South Atlantic Bights. Deep Sea Research, 41(2/3):365-389.

Churchill, J.H., C.D. Wirick, C.N. Flagg and L.J. Pietrafesa (1994). Sediment resuspension over the continental shelf east of the Delmarva Peninsula. Deep Sea Research, 41(2/3):341-363.

Pietrafesa, L.J. (1993). Atmospheric and Ocean Physical Interactions and Implications for Biology in the Coastal Zone, IGBP LOICZ Report, pp. 39-50.

Cione, J.J., S. Raman and L.J. Pietrafesa (1993). The Effect of Gulf Stream-Induced Baroclinicity on U.S. East Coast Winter Cyclones. Monthly Weather Review. February, 121(2):421-430.


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