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The following students have won awards or fellowships for their achievements:
Kara Smith, grad student, received a Global Change Fellowship through the SE Climate Science Center (SECSC), located here at NCSU. The SECSC serves the entire U.S. southeast with science research to help inform adaptation and mitigation due to climate change. 
Meteorology undergrad, Spencer Rhodes, was awarded the NOAA Hollings Scholarship (April 2013)
Melissa Mainhart (Undergrad Meteorology) has been offered an appointment to the Class of 2013 Hollings Scholarship Program! She will travel to the NOAA Headquarters in Maryland in May for the program orientation.
Ashlee Lillis (Ph.D. Grad Student) won 3rd Place for her poster in the Eighth Annual Graduate Student Symposium held on Tuesday, March 19. Congratulations, Ashlee!
Kyle Dawson was selected to participate in the 10-week 2013 summer session of the NASA Langley Aerospace Research Student Scholars (LARSS) Program. The LARSS internship will begin Monday, June 3, 2013, and will conclude on Friday, August 9, 2013.
Brice Coffer won 1st place in the Graduate Division of
the poster contest for the 12th Annual AMS Student Conference (Jan. 2013). 
Matthew Burnette has received a Norman R. Tilford Field Study Scholarship in the Masters' Division from the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG). The awarding of the scholarship was recognized at the AEG Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City on September 19, 2012.
Joseph Taylor, a junior in MEAS, was chosen to receive a certificate in recognition of superior achievements in scientific research from Sigma Xi – the Scientific Research Society that honors excellence in scientific investigation in all fields of science and engineering. Taylor presented a poster on his research of predicting observed soil moisture using statistical modeling. The purpose of his study was to evaluate the accuracy of a soil moisture estimation technique to assist with quality control of ECONet data, as well as the prediction of missing data.
Ph.D. student, Yizhen Li, won the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting Outstanding Student Paper Award for "displaying notable scientific innovation and significant insight through a clear and concise presentation" (Advisor: Ruoying He).
Third-year undergraduate meteorology major Matthew Morris has been selected to participate in this summer's NCAR Undergraduate Leadership Workshop! Matthew is a double major in meteorology and mathematics.
Ashlee Lillis, MEAS Ph.D. Student, has been very busy. She has won:
1. Best Graduate Student Poster Award at the Tidewater Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Meeting, Beaufort, NC, March 2012
2. Best Graduate Student Poster Award at the Southeastern Estuarine Research Society, Morehead City, NC, April 2012 and 
3. Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Award, National Science Foundation, April 2012 for her Project entitled "Underwater soundscapes and their potential role in the larval settlement of estuarine benthic invertebrates."
Graduate student Yizhen Li is the recipient of the 2012 Tobias/Williams Award in Marine Science! This award recognizes outstanding work in Marine Sciences.
Congrats to Casey Letkewicz, who has a new civilian faculty position as an Assistant Professor of Meteorology at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs! The meteorology program is located within the Department of Physics.
Alison Moyer, PHD student in MEAS/Earth Sciences, has been awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.  During the tenure of her fellowship, Alison will apply her multidisciplinary background to address the role that microbes may play in stabilizing labile organic material--including skin, feathers and original molecules--in early diagenesis so that they may enter the
rock record.
Christopher Nunalee has been accepted to the NCAR-ASP Graduate Student
Visitor Program. Chris will spend the summer of 2012 at NCAR's Research Applications Laboratory in Boulder, CO working under the direction of Dr. Branko Kosovic. While visiting NCAR, Chris will use the technique of large-eddy simulation to study the effects of complex terrain on the structure, evolution and mixing of passive tracers in the atmospheric boundary layer under varying atmospheric stability conditions. This project will complement his thesis research which
deals with modeling atmospheric boundary layer flow in regions of
complex terrain for applications in wind turbine micro-siting.
Katherine Kyzer, a freshman in our meteorology program, is the winner of the Vaisala Inc. AMS Freshman Undergraduate Scholarship. (September 2011)
Jason Davis, was awarded an American Meteorological Society (AMS) graduate fellowship - the NASA Earth Science Fellowship. Keith Sherburn received the NOAA National Weather Service Fellowship. (September 2011) Jason and Keith are the newest members of Prof. Matt Parker's Convective Storms Group.
Congratulations to the following MEAS Runners Up for the 1 Yr NCAEP Membership (NC Association of Environmental Professionals Scholarship Committee):
Masters Runner Up: Robert Dunn, NCSU
Ph.D. Runner Up:  Ashlee Lillis, NCSU
Katherine Almquist wins Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award!
Julie Johnston (BS - Geology) was selected as a winner for her poster presentation "Comparison of Anthropogenic Effects on Bedload Particle Sizes Transported By Piedmont Streams of Central North Carolina" at the 20th Annual NCSU Undergraduate Research Spring Symposium (April 2011).

Robert Dunn, MEAS MS student, NSF Graduate Fellowship, "Disentangling Trophic Webs on Oyster Reefs and Application to Ecosystem-Based Management."

PADI Foundation, Ms. Ashlee Lillis, MEAS PhD student, "Underwater Sound as an Orientation and Settlement Cue for Estuarine Larvae."

Congratulations to our 2011 Graduate Student Research Symposium Winners for Mathematical and Physical Sciences - Rebecca Pirtle Levy (1st place) and Sean Gallen (2nd place)! The symposium was held Monday, March 21, 2011. Poster presentations were divided into eight broad academic categories. Judges selected a first, second and third place winner in each category. For your information, the abstract book is posted on the symposium web site.
Chris Nunalee has won the Undergraduate Research Award (November 2010)!
Katie Weaver wins 1st Place in poster competition at the 41st International Binghamton Geomorphological Symposium on Geospatial Technologies and Geomorphological mapping in the Student Poster Competion for her poster and demonstration "Exploring Topographic Change Impacts with a Tangible Geosptail Modeling System." The poster was co-authored by visiting student Margherita di Leo and advisors Dr. Helena Mitasova and Dr. Laura Tateosian.
Joseph Zambon is offered a 2010 NC Space Grant Graduate Research Fellowship Award! (Sept. 2010)
Brett Gantt was awarded the NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF) for the 2010 -2013 academic year. His research titled "Defining the Role of Ocean Biology and Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Surface Layer to Marine Cloud Properties and Global Climate" is being conducted under supervision of Dr. Nicholas Meskhidze.

Ian Rumsey (Ph.D. graduate) and a student of Dr. Viney Aneja, received a First Place Award at the Air Waste and Management Association's 103rd Annual Conference and Exhibition, Calgary, Canada, June 22-25, 2010 (paper No. 2010-A-163-AWMA). His research topic is titled: "Measurements and Analysis of Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compounds Emissions from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations in North Carolina."

Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D student Casey Burleyson was awarded a NASA
Earth and Space Science Fellowship effective 1 Sept 2010. His research
topic is "Global Characteristics of Marine Stratocumulus Drizzle
Utilizing Passive Microwave." He is supervised by Dr. Sandra Yuter.
Robert Lewis (MS student) was awarded a 2010 Geological Society of America Graduate Student Research Award of $2130 for his research titled: "Legacy Sediments and Stream Water Quality: Estimating Volume, Nutrient Content, and Stream Bank Erosion in Impaired North Carolina Waterways."
Stephen Hughes, MS candidate, received a Geological Society of America Graduate Research Award  for a proposal based on his thesis research to be undertaken in the vicinity of Ferncliff, VA.  He is attempting to constrain the timing and kinematics of Chopawamsic fault, a major fault within the bedrock of the Virginia Piedmont.
Kai Wang was awarded third place best student oral presentation at the 12th conference on Atmospheric Chemistry of the 2010 AMS Annual Meeting in Atlanta during January 17-21, 2010 for his presentation entitled "Implementation of Dust Treatments into CMAQ and Initial Application to the April 2001 Asian Dust Episode."
Brett Gantt is invited to give an oral presentation in the early career session of the upcoming Biogenic Hydrocarbon Gordon Research Conference, Les Diablerets, Switzerland. The title of his presentation is: "Measuring and Modeling Marine Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds." Brett received travel support of $1,300.
Zack Boles, a Senior in Geology and a student of Dr. Dan Ksepka, received an NC State University Undergraduate Research Award ($1,000) for the project "Osteosclerotic Patterns in Fossil Penguin Limb Bones." He presented a poster on preliminary results the Undergraduate Research Symposium and will present final results at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Meeting in October 2010.
Edwin Cadena (PhD student of Dr. Dan Ksepka and Dr. Mary Schweitzer) received an American Museum of Natural History Collections Study Grant ($1100) for the project "Bone Histology of the Cryptodiran Turtle /Mongolemys elegans/: Phylogenetic And Palebiological Implications."
Linda Waters was awarded the first prize in PAMS at the 8th Annual NCSU Graduate Student Research Symposium, for her research on "The Effect of Nutrient Constraints on Cellular Division Rates and Their Consequences for Maintenance of a Benthic Subpopulation of the Bloom Forming Dinoflagellate Karenia brevis."   Her poster describes her work with potential seed populations that could give rise to red tides in the Gulf of Mexico.  It relied on numerical models as well as field experiments in a quarry and the Gulf, employing the robot "Plankton Mimics" she helped develop in the Wolcott lab.
Brandon Puckett, a Ph.D. candidate in Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences (MEAS) at NC State University's Center for Marine Sciences and Technology (CMAST), received a Student Presentation Award at the 39th annual Benthic Ecology Meeting for his presentation entitled: "Several Large or Several (More) Small: Designing Marine Reserve Networks for Oyster Restoration." Mr. Puckett's presentation was co-authored by his advisor, Dr. David Eggleston (Professor in MEAS and Director of CMAST). Since its beginning in 1972, the Benthic Ecology Meeting has grown to become one of the largest annual meetings of marine ecologists in the world. The 2010 Benthic Ecology Meeting, held in Wilmington, NC from March 10-13, was no exception with over 700 attendees and over 160 student presentations.
Logan Dawson (Undergrad Meteorology major) was accepted into the SOARS (Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science) program for Summer 2010.
Ray Mroch has been awarded the 2008-2009 North Carolina Fellowship in Marine Fisheries Management. Mroch's research focus will be to compare methods for determining age in summer flounder, /Paralichthys dentatus/. Funded by North Carolina Sea Grant and the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries, the award provides the opportunity for a graduate student or post-graduate to participate in professional education and training while assisting the state to resolve marine fisheries management issues.
Joseph Kasperski, a Junior in Geology and a student of Dr. Karl Wegmann, received an NC State University Undergraduate Research Award ($1,300). His research will be conducted this summer (2009) in the field (Washington State) and next fall in the lab and is entitled "Using Dendrochronology to Constrain Paleo-Earthquakes near Mount Rainier, Washington: Improving Seismic Hazard Estimation through Analysis and Dating Of Landslides."

Kristen M. James (graduate student of Dr. Viney Aneja) was recently awarded a 2009 First Place Master Thesis Award from the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) in recognition of an unusually significant contribution to the field of air quality, all types of waste, or sustainability/management pertaining to air quality or waste.

A primary goal of the Air & Waste Management Association is to foster educational activities to further enhance the growth of leaders. Kristen's award is a gratis one-year student membership which will encourage her participation in these activities.

Matthew Miller: NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship starting September 2007 for three years (Ph.D. student of Dr. Sandra Yuter).
Alyssa Sabolis, first year MEAS graduate student, was awarded the NC Space Grant Fellowship ($6000) for the 2009-2010 academic year.  Her research titled “Quantification of Marine Biogenic Isoprene Fluxes from the NC Coast Using Remotely Sensed Data” is being conducted under the supervision of Dr. Nicholas Meskhidze.  Using the remotely sensed and field data Alyssa will create, for the first time, accurate, high resolution maps of marine biogenic volatile organic compound (BVOC) emissions from the North Carolina coast.

NC Space Grant ( is a part of National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program established by U.S. Congress and implemented by NASA. This competitively awarded program selects awardees based on the quality of research proposals and academic achievements.
Matthew Johnson was awarded summer fellowship for Graduate Student Summer Program in Earth System Science 2009 at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's (GSFC).  This prestigious program is designed to stimulate interest in interdisciplinary Earth sciences studies by enabling selected students to carry out an intensive research project at GSFC's Earth Sciences Division. Matthew recently defended his MS degree at MEAS and continues his PhD studies under the supervision of Dr. Nicholas Meskhidze. More details can be found at:
Brandon Puckett was awarded an extremely competitive "National Sea Grant/National Marine Fisheries Service Population Dynamics Graduate Fellowship".  This was a national competition with only 2 awards made--Brandon's was the top choice.  Brandon's co-advisor for this fellowship will be Dr. Kyle Shertzer at the NOAA Beaufort laboratory.  The fellowship provides 3 years of RA support plus research/travel budget.
Adele Lichtenberger: Received the U.S. Department of Energy's Global Change Education Program (GCEP) internship for the summer 2008. GCEP research encompasses a wide variety of study areas, including atmospheric sciences, ecology, global carbon cycles, climatology, and terrestrial processes.  Adele will be working in Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington State analyzing cloud and aerosol data from an aircraft campaign carried out in Oklahoma last year.

Adele was also awarded the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Ernest F. Hollings (Hollings) scholarship. Ernest F. Hollings scholarship program is designed to increase undergraduate training in oceanic and atmospheric science, research, technology, and education and foster multidisciplinary training opportunities and increase public understanding and support for stewardship of the ocean and atmosphere and improve environmental literacy.  The scholarship provides $8,000 of academic assistance for two years and a paid internship for summer 2009.

Adele is an undergraduate student working with Dr. Nicholas Meskhidze for improved understanding of aerosol-cloud interaction using remotely sensed data.
Yiyi Wong: Congratulations to Yiyi for receiving the Fulbright Fellowship to China for 2008-2009.
Jeff Bowman: Received a Geological Society of America Graduate Student Research Grant (2008-2009).  Jeff is working with Jim Hibbard on Neoproterozoic volcanic and sedimentary rocks of the Carolina terrane near the North Carolina-Virginia state line.

Matthew Johnson: First year MEAS graduate student was awarded the NC Space Grant Fellowship ($6000) for the 2008-2009 academic year.  His research titled “Implementation of Dust Mineralogy and Sources into GEOS-Chem: Application for Iron Deposition in the Southern Oceans” is being conducted under supervision of Dr. Nicholas Meskhidze.  In his project Matthew plans to update mineral dust source locations in Patagonia using satellite remotely sensed data. GEOS-Chem model with improved dust source regions and nested grid formulation will be used for better quantification of dust and iron deposition to the Southern Oceans and the role of South American dust in carbon sequestration and climate transitions.

NC Space Grant is a part of National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program established by U.S. Congress and implemented by NASA. This competitively awarded program selects awardees based on the quality of research proposals and academic achievements.

Brett Gantt: Received EPA's National Network for Environmental Management Studies (NNEMS) Fellowship Program for the summer of 2008.  He will go to EPA's RTP office to design and implement a research project that furthers the knowledge base of the critical linkages between ecosystems and air quality.  The project goal is to improve the scientific justification for secondary standards of criteria pollutants such as sulfur dioxide. Brett is a first year graduate student in Dr. Nicholas Meskhidze’s research group.

Matthew Igel: (undergrad)--Received the following: Carolinas Air Pollution Control Association Scholarship, NCSU Undergraduate Research Award Grant, AMS Atmospheric Chemistry Travel Grant.
Travis Miles: MEAS graduate student Travis Miles just won the North Carolina Space Grant Fellowship ($6000) for his graduate research proposal entitled "Covariability of Sea Surface Temperature and Ocean Color in the South Atlantic Bight."

NC Space Grant is a part of National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program established by U.S. Congress and implemented by NASA. This competitively awarded program selects awardees based on the quality of research proposals and academic achievements.

Travis is the first-year graduate student in Dr. Roy He's Ocean Observing and Modeling group. Congratulations, Travis, and keep up the good work!
Kelly Mahoney: At the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Weather Analysis and Forecasting/ Numerical Weather Prediction (WAF/NWP) conference in Park City, Utah (June 2007), Kelly Mahoney won the 1st place award for "Best Student Presentation."  This is excellent recognition for our program, and for Kelly, especially given that there were a large number of strong student presentations at this conference.
Casey Burleyson: Meteorology senior Casey Burleyson has been awarded a National Science Foundation IGERT (Integrated Graduate Education and Research Traineeship Program) Fellowship for full-time graduate study at the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics at Columbia University in New York.
Jay Bozeman: Junior meteorology major Jay Bozeman has been accepted to the NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates Summer Program (2007) at Colorado State University. As part of the program, he will have the opportunity to work with engineers on the state-of-the-art CSU-CHILL national radar facility.
Clint A. Boyd: Geological Society of America Research Grant (2006-2007)
Clint, who is working with Dr. Julia Clarke, MEAS, will go to the Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology as well as Peking University in Beijing, China this summer to collect data on Chinese ornithischian dinosaurs that will be added to an ongoing investigation of the evolutionary relationships within this group.
N. Adam Smith: Smithsonian Institute Graduate Student Fellowship (2006)
Yiyi Wong (Ph.D. student): 2007 NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Fellowship (EAPSI). She will go to the Tongji University in Shanghai, China this summer to continue her comparison studies of the Yangtze River and Taiwanese small mountainous rivers derived sediments in the Okinawa Trough.
Cathy Thompson, 2007 NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Fellowship (EAPSI). She will go to the Institute of Natural Resources, Massey University, New Zealand this summer to survey the Waiapu River watershed to understand the impacts of soil and geomorphological changes on carbon cycles.
Tony Szempruch: Undergraduate Research Award
Jeremy Green: Doris O. and Samuel P. Welles Research Award, University of California, Berkeley, and the Geological Society of America Student Research Award.
Mike Kiefer: Department of Defense Air Force Fellowship starting September '06 for three years
Heather Reeves: Visiting Scientist position at NCAR as of Jan. 1, 2007

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