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Earth Sciences Research
Appalachian Geology: Regional tectonics of the Appalachian orogen, structural and metamorphic evolution of accreted terranes, igneous petrology and petrochemistry. Profs. Jim Hibbard, Ron Fodor

Environmental Geology: Engineering geology, geomorphology, shallow-level crustal geophysics. Prof. John Fountain

Geochemistry: Marine geochemistry, organic geochemistry, petrochemistry of basalts and ultramafic rocks, radio-isotope and stable isotope geochemistry, sedimentary geochemistry. Profs. Ron Fodor, Bill Showers, Neal Blair, Dave DeMaster, Carrie Thomas, Mike Kimberley

Geomorphology and Surficial Processes: Field, laboratory and computational studies of sediment transport processes in rivers; beach morphology and nearshore sediment transport; granular flows, avalanches and debris flows. Models for watershed and landscape evolution and complex systems. Profs. Lonnie Leithold, Paul Liu, Helena Mitasova

Hydrogeology: Groundwater flow and exchange with surface water (rivers, lakes, canals, wetlands), chemical transport and tracers, watershed studies; Profs. John Fountain, David Genereux, Bill Showers

Paleontology and Earth Systems History:
Molecular paleontology, molecular diagenesis and taphonomy, evolution of physiological and reproductive strategies in dinosaurs, and astrobiology. Systematic paleontology and the study of morphological evolution using discreet cladistic characters. Major taxonomic foci are extant and extinct archosaurs and, specifically, dinosaurian interrelationships and the origin of birds. Prof. Mary Schweitzer

Sedimentary Geology: Coal geology, coastal and continental margin processes and stratigraphy, facies modeling, seismic sequence stratigraphy, lithostratigraphy and basin evolution, micro-paleontology, paleoclimatology, sea-level cyclicity. Profs. Dave DeMaster, Paul Liu, Neal Blair, Michael Kimberley, Lonnie Leithold.

Seismotectonics: Fault growth and scaling; space-time patterns of earthquake production; volcanic, tectonic and hydrothermal seismicity. Prof. Del Bohnenstiehl.

Worldwide River Deltas: Deposition, evolution and biogeochemistry. Profs. Paul Liu, Dave DeMaster, Neal Blair, Lonnie Leithold

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