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Dr. Anantha Aiyyer Anantha R. Aiyyer, Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Programs
PhD, State University of New York, 2003
Tropical meteorology, atmospheric dynamics and climate variability
(919)515-7973… 5147 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Viney Aneja

Viney Aneja, Professor
PhD, North Carolina State University, 1977
Chemical engineering; air quality; natural emissions of trace gases (nitrogen, sulfur, and hydrocarbons); dry and wet deposition transport; transformation and fate of pollutants in the atmosphere; biospheric-atmospheric interactions, atmospheric photochemical oxidants and gas-to-particle conversion
(919)515-7808 … 5136 Jordan Hall …

Dr. Sukanta Basu Sukanta Basu, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Minnesota, 2004
Atmospheric boundary layer processes, turbulence modeling (large-eddy simulation), wind power meteorology, numerical weather prediction, antarctic meteorology, dispersion modeling, and nonlinear time series analysis.
(919)513-7776… 5150 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Del Bohnenstiehl

Del R. Bohnenstiehl, Associate Professor
PhD, Columbia University, New York, 2002
Extensional tectonics and rifting; distribution and scaling of fault populations and earthquakes; magmatic, tectonic and hydrothermal interactions at mid-ocean ridges, hydroacoustics with applications to seismic studies, explosion monitoring and marine mammal populations
(919)515-7449... 4138 Jordan Hall …

Dr. Ryan Boyles

Ryan Boyles, Extension Associate Professor, Director & State Climatologist, State Climate Office
PhD, North Carolina State University, 2006
Climate services, local and regional climatology, weather and climate applications, observational sensors and systems, data management
(919)513-2816… 149 Research III…

Dr. Otis Brown Otis Brown, Research Professor, Dir. of CICS-NC, Asheville
Satellite ocean remote sensing, climate policy, stakeholder engagement
151 Patton Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801-5001
(828)257-3001/828-271-4328 Fax,
Dr. Paul Byrne Paul K. Byrne, Assistant Professor
PhD, Planetary Geology, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, Ireland, 2010
Structural geology and tectonics, volcanology, volcanotectonics, planetary geology, remote sensing, analogue modelling
(919)513-2578 … 3135 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Dave DeMaster David J. DeMaster, Professor
PhD, Yale University, 1979
Marine geochemistry and radio chemistry in the nearshore and deep-sea environments
(919)515-7026 … 4132 Jordan Hall …
Dr. David Eggleston David B. Eggleston, Professor and Director of CMAST
PhD, The College of William and Mary, 1991
Experimental marine benthic ecology; marine fisheries ecology, marine conservation biology, marine science education
(919)515-7840 … 4155 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Ron Fodor Ronald V. Fodor, Professor
PhD, University of New Mexico, 1972
Igneous petrology, volcanoes, meteorites
(919)515-7177 … 2144 Jordan Hall …
Dr. David Genereux David Genereux, Professor
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1991
Interaction of groundwater and surface water, hydrogeology and watershed hydrology
(919)515-6017 … 5135 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Roy He Ruoying He, Distinguished Professor
PhD, University of South Florida, 2002
Physical Oceanography; Coastal and Estuarine Circulation Dynamics; Numerical Modeling and Data Assimilation; Bio-physical Interaction; Coastal Ocean Observing System
(919)513-0249… 4149 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Erin Hestir Erin L. Hestir, Chancellor's Faculty Excellence Program Cluster Assistant Professor in Geospatial Analytics
PhD, University of California, Davis, 2010
Remote sensing, Geospatial technologies and techniques
(919)515-7778 … 4154 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Kenneth Kunkel

Kenneth Kunkel, Research Professor, CICS-Asheville
Climate variability and change, particularly related to extreme events, such as heavy precipitation, heat waves, cold waves, and winter storms
151 Patton Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801-5001

Dr. Gary Lackmann Gary M. Lackmann, Professor, Director of Graduate Programs
PhD, University at Albany, State University of New York, 1995
Synoptic-Dynamic Meteorology, Numerical Weather Prediction, Forecasting
(919)515-1439 … 1145 Jordan Hall…
Dr. Lonnie Leithold Elana L. Leithold, Professor
PhD, University of Washington, 1987
Marine sediment transport and stratigraphy, the role of sediments in carbon cycling in coupled terrestrial-marine sedimentary systems
(919)515-7282 … 2151 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Bin Liu Bin Liu, Research Assistant Professor
PhD, Ocean University of China, 2007

Air-sea interaction, coupled Atmosphere-Wave-Ocean Modeling System, tropical cyclone intensity and track simulation, surface wave dynamics and modeling, dynamical downscaling
(919)515-1436… 1148 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Paul Liu Paul Liu, Associate Professor
PhD, The College of William and Mary, 2001
Late Quaternary sea level change and ocean margin evolution; Large river deltaic deposits and sedimentary processes; Land-ocean interactions; Watershed and estuarine GIS modeling; Geophysical surveys
(919)515-7977… 3147 Jordan Hall …
Dr. David McConnell David McConnell, Professor
PhD, Texas A&M University, 1987
Science education, geoscience learning in large class settings
(919)515-0381… 2140 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Karen McNeal Karen McNeal, Associate Professor
PhD, Texas A&M University, 2007
Geoscience education, geocognition
(919)515-0383 3139 Jordan Hall
Dr. Nicholas Meskhidze Nicholas Meskhidze, Associate Professor
PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003
Atmospheric Chemistry, aerosol-cloud interaction, satellite remote sensing
(919)515-7243… 5134 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Helena Mitasova Helena Mitasova, Professor
PhD, Slovak Technical University, 1987
Open source Geographic Information Systems, geospatial modeling and analysis, lidar applications, coastal landscape dynamics, land surface processes, sustainable land management
(919)513-1327 … 2127 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Andrew Newell Andrew Newell, Research Associate Professor
PhD, University of Washington, 1997
Micromagnetics, Rock Magnetism and Biomagnetism
Dr. Chris Osburn Chris Osburn, Associate Professor
PhD, Lehigh University, 2000
Organic geochemistry in coastal waters; biogeochemistry of dissolved organic matter; terrestrial biomarkers; modeling aquatic optics and carbon flux in natural waters; aquatic photochemistry
(919)515-0382… 4150 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Matthew Parker Matthew D. Parker, Professor
PhD, Colorado State University, 2002
Dynamics of convective storms, mesoscale meteorology, numerical modeling
(919)513-43675149 Jordan Hall
Dr. Markus Petters Markus Petters, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Wyoming, 2004
Atmospheric thermodynamics, cloud physics, aerosol composition, aerosol measurement and instrumentation, aerosol-climate interactions
(919)515-7144… 5143 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Russell Philbrick Russell Philbrick, Research Professor
PhD, North Carolina State University, 1966
Optical engineering, remote sensing, lidar technology, electro-optics, space physics, upper atmosphere/ionospheric physics
3-7174 432 Riddick/1804 Varsity Research Building
Dr. Walter Robinson Walter Robinson, Professor and Department Head
PhD, Columbia University, 1985
Large-scale atmospheric dynamics and the dynamics of Earth's climate, including climate variability and climate change
(919)515-7002… 1120 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Astrid Schnetzer Astrid Schnetzer, Associate Professor
Ph.D. - Marine Biology, University of Vienna, Austria, 2001
Protistan (phytoplankton and protozoa) and zooplankton ecology, molecular diversity, food web dynamics and biogeochemical cycling
(919)515-7837 … 4148 Jordan Hall…
Dr. Frederick Semazzi Fred H. M. Semazzi, Professor
PhD, University of Nairobi, 1983
Climate dynamics modeling
(919)515-1434 … 4144 Jordan Hall…
Dr. Ping-Tung Shaw Ping-Tung Shaw, Associate Professor
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program, 1982
Circulation in marginal seas and over the continental margin
(919)515-7276 … 4135 Jordan Hall …
Dr. William Showers William J. Showers, Professor
PhD, University of Hawaii, 1982
Stable isotope geochemistry; paleoceanography; micropaleontology; environmental monitoring; bone-isotope geochemistry; nitrogen isotope pollution monitoring
(919)515-7143 … 4130 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Carrie Thomas Carrie J. Thomas, Research Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs
PhD, North Carolina State University, 1998
Isotope geochemistry, biogeochemistry, animal-sediment interactions
(919)515-7839 … 4136 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Karl Wegmann Karl K. Wegmann, Associate Professor
PhD, Lehigh University, 2008
Geomorphology, active tectonics, geodynamics, paleoseismology, paleoclimatology, and biogeomorphology
(919)515-0380… 2123 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Lian Xie Lian Xie, Professor
PhD, University of Miami, 1992
Tropical meteorology and hurricanes, air-sea interactions, marine meteorology.
(919)515-1435 … 1146 Jordan Hall…
Dr. Lian Xie Sandra Yuter, Professor
PhD, University of Washington, 1996
Physical meteorology, mesoscale meteorology, radar and satellite remote sensing

(919)513-7963… 5145 Jordan Hall …
Dr. Yang Zhang Yang Zhang, Professor
PhD, University of Iowa, 1994
Air quality modeling, atmospheric chemistry and transport, chemistry and dynamics of aerosols, sensitivity and uncertainty analysis, and chemistry-climate interactions
(919)515-9688… 5151 Jordan Hall…
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